David Tau Photo

David’s work focuses on documentary photography and contemporary issues emphasizing culture, civil liberties, environmental and climate change.

David is a California native, and his passion for photography stems from the notion that a great photograph has an innate ability to connect people with stories often overlooked by mainstream media. He is currently helping local organizations such as Rebuilding Together, Yerba Buena Gardens and Pro Bono Photography, with documenting their tireless efforts in bringing communities together.

His most recent project, First Light sheds light on the story of California’s migrant farmworkers and their struggle with California’s 50 Mile Rule Regulation. 

David is currently collaborating with Cowboy Poets creating a series of portraits combined with handwritten poems titled Anthology.  

email: davej.tau@gmail.com or 415-852-1555

Download pdf A California Migrant Farmworker Story 

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